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Conference brings together nature conservation activists and forestry experts.
On the 21st and 22nd of November, 2013 a conference „Nature Conservation Issues in Forestry” took place in Rēzekne. The conference was organised by the Association of Latvian Forest Owners in cooperation with the Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre. Also members of the JSC Latvia State Forests, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of Latvia and Nature Conservation Agency took part in the seminar. NAT-PROGRAMME freshwater habitats expert Andris Urtans was invited to deliver a presentation about processes in the freshwater bodies’ protection zones and their relation to water quality.
The central discussion topic of the conference was ways of ensuring optimal functionality of freshwater bodies’ protection zones. According to the current legislation, the main function of protection zones is to act as a filter and reduce the influx of biogenic elements in water bodies. The objects visited during the coneference at the coast of river Aiviekste showed that currently the filter function does not always work optimally.
On the second day of the event the participants listened to a presentation by the Council Chairman of JSC „Latvijas Finieris” Uldis Bikis who provided an analysis of the most recent, modern solutions for utilising wood in manufacturing modern plywood.

This event brought together nature conservation activists and forestry experts which indicated a good start for further practical collaboration. In order to reach an optimal management of water bodies’ protection zones, it is highly important that forest owners, nature consevation experts and freshwater habitat experts collaborat to ensure improvement of water quality and protection of the environment, as well as more rational utilisation of wood resources.
The event very well showed the importance of developing management guidelines for freshwater habitats.

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