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Forest experts are learning about forest management experience in other EU countries.
During the last decade there has been significant improvement in the level of scientific understanding of what causes decline in biological diversity, as well as what are the potential management methods that could prevent this process from happening. Internationally one of such forest management methods is natural disturbance emulation. However, in Latvia there is a lack of research in this approach to forest management. Still, in a few territorries some forest management activities have been carried out as part of the conservation plans for areas of special protection or within specific projects. This summer NAT-PROGRAMME experts visited some of these territorries to evaluate the effectiveness of such methods.

Overall in Latvia management of protected forest habitats has been carried out only in very small areas, and there is practically no scientific research on this topic, therefore it is essential to research experience of other countries. For this reason NAT-PROGRAMME has prepared a literature overview about the experience of protected forest habitat management in other European countries (available here in Latvian).

Among other European countries Finland stands out with long term research, experiments and the use of various management activities that are aimed at natural disturbance emulation. Therefore in September, 2013 representatives of two Life+ project NAT-PROGRAMME and FOR-REST went on an experience exchange trip to Finland, and experts from both projects visited areas, where various forest management methods have been carried out – such as controlled burning or renewal of hydrological conditions.
 Photogallery. Forest managament experience in Finland.

Controlled burning as an acceptable method in nature conservation is widely used in Scandinavia. It ensures a diverse forest stand structure and various elements necessary for biological diversity, such as large dimension burnt dead wood, which is the only living habitat for various rare species. In Scandinavia, controlled burning is perceived as a standard forest management method.

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