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Inventory of Coastal Territories is in Progress.

The main focus of the coastal habitats group this summer has been on the grey dunes - a habitat that is closely related to the cultural landscape and human activity. Project’s coastal habitats expert Brigita Laime together with other experts of the field has visited several coastal territories to inspect and document their current state and decide what management methods should be tested in each site.
Historically, local inhabitants have significantly affected the development of coastal territories by using them for various socioeconomic activities, such as a land for growing vegetables or drying algae. With the decline in this socioeconomic activity in the coastal territories, it is now essential to decide - how can the beautiful, open landscape be cinserved despite the decline in human activity in these territories? During the Project’s seminars, workshops and trips to the testing sites, it has appeared that the majority of coastal habitat experts insist that it is very important to conserve the cultural and historical landscape  - for its beauty, biological diversity and recreation resources.
Experts have inventoried Nature Reserve Užava, in order to determine its current state and agree on the management methods to be tested in this site. This territory, sometimes called the "desert" dunes is very dry and covered with pebbles. However, despite these difficult vegetation conditions, also these dunes are starting to overgrow due to the decline in the human activity there. Therefore, it is planned to selectively cut out the more densely overgrown areas, in order to conserve the territories that are both the most beautiful and have the greatest biological diversity. The testing of management methods in this territory will begin already this year.

Nature Reserve Ovīši has also been visited several times this summer. The humid dune slacks present in this Nature Reserve are also affected by the human activity. For example, roads in these dunes have contributed to the development of an open and biologically significant area. However, inventory of these territories showed that the humid dune slacks are severely overgrown with birch trees and alder. Experts are still discussing the management methods that should be tested in this site - it is difficult to determine what management methods would bring the most sustainable results.  
Photogallery.    Visits to Coastal Territories in Summer 2013

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