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Knowledge exchange seminar in Užava
On 27th of April in Kurzeme  region, Užava  more than two dozen stakeholders had gathered - students and prospective nature managers,  coastal habitat experts and lecturers to participate in a seminar Management of gray dune habitats. The seminar was organized by LIFE + program funded project Natura 2000 national conservation and management program or NAT-PROGRAMME, implamented by  Nature Conservation Agency.
The event was organized as the first from the group of projects final seminars, and its aim  was to share knowladge and experience  -  looking back on  history of LIFE  program contribution to coastal habitats research and management, and  NAT-PROGRAMME project accumulated knowledge of coastal management and the practical aspects of gray dune restoration at Užava nature rezerve.
Workshop  was led by coastal habitat expert Brigita Laime, together with colleagues from the Faculty of Biology from University of Latvia. Team had prepared an exciting day program to dissaminate knowledge and contribute understanding of  dunes habitat identification and possible solutions for its management and restoration. Most notable Latvian lichen expert Alfons Piterāns narrated about lichen life cycle nuances and  uniqueness of  gray dunes habitat. 

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