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Seminar on management practices in drainage renovation and watercourses maintenance projects

On 3rd of August, NAT-PROGRAMME project organized meeting for the State Environmental Service representatives took place, where the project freshwater expert Andris Urtāns brought together inspectors and decision-makers to discuss nature-friendly solutions and recommended management practices in drainage renovation and watercourses maintenance projects.

At the opening of the seminar, the State Environmental Service Madona Regional Director Jevgenijs Sobko outlined a current and controversial aspects which inspectors have to face in daily work - environmental expertise and preparation of technical regulations regarding drainage and watercourse restoration projects.

Afterwards A.Urtāns recalled the main ecological aspects of the water cycle and drainage collection processes, and drew the attention to the essential nuances of assessing the situation and recognizing potential problems as well provided an insight into possible solutions and recommended the most appropriate - with a greater contribution to the overall environmental improvement and nature protection of watercourses.

Recommendations on watercourses and drainage renewal and maintenance used in the seminar are in accordance with freshwaters management and protection guidelines elaborated by NAT-PROGRAM project.

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