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Seminar held on dune habitat management and coastal development issues
For two days, representatives of Nature Protection Board and Kurzeme region coastal municipalities gathered in Ziemupe nature reserve. Aim of the meeting was to discuss the theoretical aspects of coastal development, as well as to get acquainted with habitat management practices, which were approbated in project "NAT-Programme” developing habitat protection and management guidelines.
Seminar which was held on 14th and 15th of April, took place in Pāvilosta district, Ziemupe. It brought together about 30 participants, mainly representatives of coastal municipalities - project promoters, environmental experts and planners. The seminar was affected by two major themes - coastal land use and practical aspects to be carried out to maintain the sea coast recreational resources.
The topicality of the seminar related both to the Latvian Land Management Law changes and to project “NAT-PROGRAMME” developed guidelines for coastal habitat management. According to law, mentioned before, municipalities are responsible for the sea littoral management, which is in their possession. These areas have a significant and sustainable economic contribution as places important for public recreation and development of tourism related infrastructure.
Information the seminar participants provided, confirmed that public interest and need to resort sea coast is growing, but changes in coastal habitats sharply reduces the quality of services - dunes are overgrown both natural way and with expansive alien species. Perhaps the solution is to promote the value of the natural coastal development and deliberate reconstruction to ensure future possibilities of recreation and cognitive tourism at the sea coast. However, coastal multifunctional character raises a number of issues related to management and protection of dune habitats.

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