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Minutes of forest work group final seminar
On 26th of January in Adazi, forest habitat work group seminar took place. It was final meeting of work group on development of management and restoration guidelines, which brought together nearly 40 forest experts – from educational and scientific institutions, forestry and forest management organizations and as well as representatives of the Nature Conservancy Agency and other governmental organizations.
Opening remarks of the seminar was by "NAT-PROGRAMME"project manager Mr. Juris Jātnieks who emphasized application and implementation aspects of the management guidelines; available ERDF co-financing amount for the period from 2018 to 2022, planned 10,8 million EUR - thus linking management guidelines with measures adopted within forthcoming Natura 2000 management program.
As first part of the meeting was intense discussion in task groups, led by driving expert of forest habitat group Ms. S.Ikauniece. Discussion was on questions regarding methodological and technical nuances, as well as conceptual problems affecting forest habitat protection and management guidelines; marshy forests as important habitat for capercaillie, planning management activities and methodology in particular biotope, management of hydrological regime in floodplain forests, disturbance reproduction in boreal forests on eskers, value of ecosystem services in oak forests and habitat classification in slope forests are some of the main issues to mention.
Participants of the meeting agreed that further additions and refinements will be submitted until 15th February 2016.
The afternoon session was devoted to a look back at the progress made in 2015 within protected forest habitat maintenance and restoration. Professor Mr. G. Brumelis recalled importance of clear aim and monitoring measures ; as monitoring performance allows forest managers to understand what is working well - if correct processes are being performed and desired results are being achieved.
Mr J. Andrušaitis shared lessons gained by project "FOR - REST" - regarding measures of habitat restoration in Gauja National Park; Gulbjusalas marsh and Klauku gulf. In Gulbjusalas marsh measures have been taken to restore the hydrological regime of boggy woodlands, but in Klauku Gulf wooded meadows were restored.
Ms L. Jukāme and Ms. I. Mārdega from the project "Birds in Adazi" told about the Finnish experience in reproduction of natural disturbance and controlled burning in heath areas in Natura 2000 site "Adazi".

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