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NAT-PROGRAMME management actions becomes follow-up community involvement
In Kuldiga, next to the widest Europe’s waterfall Ventas rumba, a community involvement action took place, organized by the project "NAT PROGRAMME” expert Andris Urtāns and Kuldīga District Council.
For the fourth year in a row a joint work happened –river cleanup by mowing and gathering aquatic plants. Continuity of such action is necessary because nutrient and humic silt accumulation has taken place under the fall over decades, what has contributed to overgrowth of the river.
At one time, when management works at this spot was launched, it was found that river Venta - which by nature is rapid flow river, below the fall is populated by organisms which are characteristic for standing waters: ponds and lakes. After the first thorough cleaning in 2012, repeated studies showed that characteristic species of rapids in managed part of the river can be found again.
After treatment of aquatic plants a flow of the river became more even and waterfall revealed visible. River management works must continue to ensure that the natural overgrowth of the river is not greater than 20 percent. This is a level where cleaning process of the river rapids can happen independently, getting rid of the deposits and overgrow. Such management works are vital because the Venta River is an important habitat for spawning salmonids and vimba.
The management works are planned to be repeated in July, this year. For the future, clean-ups of river Venta could become tradition held by Kuldīga District Council to hand over the baton. This would be a great follow-up of project "NAT-PROGRAMME” management actions launched in 2014, to ensure a maintenance and durability of particular part of the river.
Photo stream from the event 
Photo stream from the event II

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