Seeking for public opinion on management guidelines
On early October "NAT-PROGRAMME” project team released revised drafts of Management And Protection Guidelines for Habitats of EU importance in Latvia. For now we have reached a feedback from general public indicating a desire to participate in the further improvement of documents.
Ongoing work for "NAT-PROGRAMME “project in the next months will be devoted to the adoption of proposals received, as well as further constructive discussion of must have improvements for Management and Protection Guidelines, primarily incorporating additions project team had received in the period up to 15th October, 2015. Thus, there is possibility for considerable changes in some habitat groups.
It should be noted that maturity of the Guidelines, respectively - the possibility of changes and additions in certain habitat groups are different. There are guidelines that are ready to be passed to editor; there are guidelines in which we will continue to work on gathering recommendations. It should be stressed that Latvian Habitat Protection and Management Guidelines are elaborated for the first time and not for all habitat groups we have accumulated appropriate experience yet.
During this project execution phase we continue seeking for general feedback – suggestions, recommendations and possible constructive additions to brush up emerging Management Guidelines. Changes can be possible until the Guidelines will be transferred for translation.
We are looking for the recommendations and additions from interested persons till 30th of November, 2015.
Drafts of Management And Protection Guidelines (in Latvian)

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