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LIFE monitoring team visit
 Tommy Sejersen and Rosemarie Hingsamer, representatives of LIFE unit of the European Commission, and Rolands Ratfelders (NEEMO) inspected LIFE project NAT-PROGRAMME for a three days mission at the beginning of May 2015.
The first day meeting took place at the main office of Nature Conservancy Agency in Sigulda. Project team reported about the  progress of our Project: Juris Jātnieks, manager of the project, provided information on overall progress action  by action Ērika Kļaviņa, project coordinator  – on actions regarding public awareness and seminars held since Inception Report. Project experts Agnese Priede and Sandra Ikauniece reported on elaboration of Conservation and Management Programme and Management Guidelines for all terrestrial habitats. Inspection of financial management and documents of the project took place simultaneously, where project accountant Gints Jubelis provided all necessary data and information.
During next days representatives of the project and guests visited particular spots where the project activities have been held  – Kalējala geomorphological monument in Gauja National Park, where improvement of infrastructure have been made in order to reroute  visitors to protect bat wintering habitat and  sandstone outcrop itself. In Kurzeme region grey dunes habitat in nature reserve "Užava" and calcareous fens in Slītere National park and near Lake Kaņieris ir Ķemeri National park, were visited, where habitats of EU importance have been restored.  At “Venta’s rumba” rapid in Kuldīga participants of the meeting had an opportunity to see how migratory fishes  - hundreds of vimba bream (Vimba Vimba) were overpassing the obstacle, validating that NAT-PROGRAMME activities held here,  In order to improve spawning ground conditions.
Feedback letter from EC LIFE unit assured that NAT-PROGRAMME project management and activities are compliant with the external and internal standards in force.
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