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Seminar held on dune habitat management and coastal development issues
For two days, representatives of Nature Protection Board and Kurzeme region coastal municipalities gathered in Ziemupe nature reserve. Aim of the meeting was to discuss the theoretical and practical aspects of coastal development
Significant success on grassland habitat guidelines
On the first months of 2016 there was tense work, which leads yet another step closer to the implementation of habitat management guidelines.
Minutes of forest work group final seminar
On 26th of January in Adazi, forest habitat work group seminar took place. It was final meeting of work group on development of management and restoration guidelines.
Meeting on Conservation and Management Programme in Ķemeri
“NAT-PROGRAMME” project team organised a meeting, held together with Nature Conservation Agency Riga regional administration representatives, to discuss priorities for National Conservation and Management Programme for Natura 2000 sites
Seminar on natural grassland management and restoration in Ķemeri
Interested parties in natural grassland management and restoration gathered in Kemeri National Park on 29th of October, 2015.
Seeking for public opinion on management guidelines
"NAT-PROGRAMME” project team released revised drafts of Management and protection Guidelines for Habitats of EU importance. For now, we have reached a feedback which indicates a desire to participate in the further improvement of documents.
Discussion on practical solutions in restoration of mire ecosystems
At the end of September, nearly 40 participants visited the seminar-discussion “Restoration of mire habitats: experiences and solutions for Latvia” organized by NAT-PROGRAMME project team.
NAT-PROGRAMME management actions becomes follow-up community involvement
In Kuldiga, next to the widest Europe’s waterfall Ventas rumba, a community involvement action took place, organized by the project
LIFE monitoring team visit
Tommy Sejersen and Rosemarie Hingsamer, representatives of LIFE unit of the European Commission, and Rolands Ratfelders (NEEMO) inspected LIFE project NAT-PROGRAMME for a three days mission at the beginning of May 2015
Expert discussion on the restorability of cutaway peatlands
On 14th of April, 2015 the Latvian mire experts gathered in Kemeri National Park to share the opinions on cutaway peatlands, their interpretation thought the scope of EU-importance habitat types and their future in terms of ecosystem restoration.
NAT-PROGRAMME reports on project progress and implemented improvements at experience consolidation meeting in Brussels
At the end of March in Brussels LIFE project Platform Meeting attended by NAT-PROGRAMME project manager Juris Jātnieks and coordinator Ērika Kļaviņa was held. Alongside with the organizers: the EC DG Environment Life Division management: Angelo Salt,
Reflections of NAT-PROGRAMME mid-term seminar
The meeting marked the project mid-term and presented conservation and restoration priorities and possible management solutions of protected habitats of EU importance in Latvian Natura2000 sites.
Conserving the richness of forests on eskers
One of the forest types in Latvia with the most impressive biological diversity is forests growing on eskers. These forests require special care and specific forest management methods, such as imitating natural disturbances.
An event organised by NAT-PROGRAMME gains national attention
As part of activities organised around the country to mark the World Environment Day 2014 project NAT-PROGRAMME involved nature experts and local inhabitants in cleaning a section of the river Venta.
Experts Are Meeting With Land Owners To Discuss How To Manage Biologically Valuable Grasslands
NAT-PROGRAMME grassland expert Solvita Rūsiņa has participated in three seminars organised by the Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre (LRATC), as well as in a seminar in Rucava organised by the project NAT-PROGRAMME.
Experimental Forest Management Activities in Paņemūne and Rāzna.
In addittion to developing and writing habitat management guidelines, project NAT-PROGRAMME is also conducting practical, hands-on experimental habitat management activities to test various habitat management methods and evaluate their effectiveness.
Restoring Fens in Three National Parks of Latvia
In winter 2014 NAT-PROGRAMME mire habitats expert has continued mire restoration activities in the Slītere National Park. Selected areas of alkaline fens and spring mires have been restored also in Ķemeri National Park and Gauja National Park.
World Wetlands Day 2014 in Riga
For the second year in a row Project NAT-PROGRAMME in collaboration with the Natural History Museum of Latvia organised a seminar dedicated to the World Wetlands Day. This year the seminar gathered 70 participants.
Reflections on the mire habitats seminar.
On the 5th of December, 2013 the second meeting of the mire habitats working group gathered 38 participants who shared their views about mire habitats and discussed various issues as well as opportunities associated with restoring mire habitats.
Seminar About Financing Natura 2000 Network
Project Manager Juris Jātnieks participated in a seminar at the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development to deliver a presentation about financial requirements for Natura 2000 sites in Latvia and the Priority Action Framework.
Conference brings together nature conservation activists and forestry experts.
Nature conservation specialists and forestry experts gathered in a conference in Rēzekne to discuss nature conservation issues in forestry. The conference marked a major step towards finding optimal management of water bodies’ protection zones.
Forest experts are learning about forest management experience in other EU countries.
NAT-PROGRAMME has prepared a literature overview about forest management experience in other European countries. Project experts have visited Finland to learn more about the use of natural disturbance emulation in habitat management.
NAT-PROGRAMME experts have begun mire restoration activities.
Typically calcareous fens are rich with various orchid, sedge and moss species, but currently in several areas there are signs of degradation. Therefore, project NAT-PROGRAMME is seeking for ways how to restore mires.
NAT-PROGRAMME experts have tested an innovative method for habitat mapping.
Experts from the Nature Conservation Agency and NAT-PROGRAMME in collaboration with JSC "Envirotech" have tested an innovative professional mapping tool eBee that collects aerial photography.
Andris Urtāns Presents Examples of River Management in Latvia at an International Conference.
In the 5th European River Restoration Conference, NAT-PROGRAMME freshwaters experts Andris Urtāns presented Latvia`s experience in river management.
Inventory of Coastal Territories is in Progress.
Coastal habitats expert Brigita Laime together with other nature experts has visited several coastal areas to evaluate their current status and determine the most appropriate management methods for each site.
Wetlands Expert is Conducting Vegetation Inventory.
Wetlands expert Agnese Priede is inspecting and documenting the current state of mire habitats in the Project territories.
Various River Management Methods Have Been Tested in Rivers Sidrabe, Platone and Kauliņa.
NAT-PROGRAMME freshwaters expert Andris Urtāns in collaboration with experts from other projects and initiatives has tested various river management methods in rivers Sidrabe, Platone and Kauliņa.
NAT-PROGRAMME Experts Participate in Training Sessions About New Generation GPS Receivers
In two training sessions in the middle of June NAT-PROGRAMME experts practiced using new generation GPS receivers and found out about the mobile part of the data system OZOLS.
Experts of the Forest Habitats Working Group Gather in Sigulda
On June 21, 2013 participants of the forest habitats working group gathered in Sigulda to discuss various forest habitat management methods.
Seminar "Wetlands Take Care of Water"
The seminar took place at the Natural History Museum of Latvia and gathered 45 attendees, including nature experts, representatives of NGOs and state institutions.
NAT-PROGRAMME kick off seminar
The project kick-off seminar gathered more than 50 participants, including representatives of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, Latvian Fund for Nature, JSC “Latvijas Valsts meži” and Kemeri National Park.
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