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The date and venue for the final NAT-PROGRAM project is selected.
The date and venue for the final NAT-PROGRAM project is selected. The project closing seminar will take place at the Citadeles Conference Center, Riga, on 8th of December.
Seminars held on freshwater management issues
Last seminars on freshwater habitats management issues were held near the lake Razna in and in Salacgrīva in Vidzeme region.
Knowledge exchange seminar in Užava
On 27th of April in Kurzeme region, Užava, more than two dozen stakeholders had gathered to participate in a seminar Management of grey dune habitats
Minutes of seminar Wisely managed habitats for Riga region development
On 2nd of November, at Environmental Protection and Regional Development Ministry, seminar organised by NAT-PROGRAMME project took place and it was attended by three dozen management and planning specialists willing to learn more about the new devel
Open air discussion of mire conservation practitioners and experts
For two days at the end of September, near Riga and in Vidzeme region NAT-PROGRAMME project seminars took place that brought together practitioners and experts from different institutions.
Towards biodiversity in Latvian grasslands
Result oriented approach is driving force for management guidelines of grassland habitats, elaborated by NAT-PROGRAMME. These guidelines now are accepted as an official handbook for all farmers and land managers in the country.
Seminar on management practices in drainage renovation and watercourses maintenance projects
On 3rd of August, NAT-PROGRAMME project organized meeting for the State Environmental Service representatives took place, where the project freshwater expert Andris Urtāns brought together inspectors and decision-makers to discuss nature-friendly sol
Participation in international experience exchange seminar
Project NAT-PROGRAMME representative has participated in international experience exchange seminar
Participation in Boreal seminar follow-up “Restoration of fens habitats
The field trip-seminar was organized by the Estonian Ministry of the Environment, Environmental Board and LIFE SPRINGDAY LIFE12 NAT/EE/000860) and held in several locations in North and West Estonia.
Experience exchange seminars LIFE+ and LIFE programme projects
In 7 to 10 June (2016), a four LIFE project meeting took place in Latvia, attended also by representatives of NAT-PROGRAMME.


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